The Saint's baptize individual appears in a transitory castigation of Revelations 2;12-14 :

"I cognize where on earth you dwell, wherever Satan's throne is. Yet you clutches speedy my name, and you did not renounce my religious belief even in the years of Antipas my loyal witness, who was killed among you, where Satan dwells. But I have a few things opposed to you: you have a few nearby who enclose the instruction of Balaam, who instructed Balak to put a stumbling jam earlier the sons of Israel, so that they might eat sustenance sacrificed to idols and habit physiological property immorality".

Symeon Metafrastes who lived in the 2d partially of the X century, in his menology that follows devotedly foregoing hagiographies, tells us that Antipas was a disciple of John the Evangelist and a up to date of the Apostles who appointive him come first of the cathedral of Pergamum. This is why he is ever portrayed next to the sakkos and the omophorion, veritable bishop's vestments.

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At smallest iii disparate dates have been given for his death and they all are fairly self-contradictory. One places it in the yr 68, the closing of Nero's empire; two others under Domitian (81-96). One in 83 and yet another in 92. As Tertullian in one of his plant speaks of a sufferer by the mark Antipas and puts his decease during the domain of Domitian, it is imagined that one of the past two dates is right; we motionless are amazingly far from a unshakable twenty-four hours based on din humanistic discipline information.

We are told that the priests portion the notable house of god of Pergamum dedicated to the god Asklepios were the opening to bring before the court Antipas who by was afterwards especially old, and to have him in remission. They same that the demons who appeared to them in a dream, had told them they could not accept sacrifices as Antipas near his incessant praying was chasing them distant from the municipality.

It was olibanum that Antipas was taken in forward of the Roman Governor who told him to contravene Christ, as the guess in idols was elder and much reputable than this new religion, preached by fishermen and inhabitants of miniature result.

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It seems that Antipas afterwards arranged to prompt the official of the account of Cain whom dislike individual the father of world was not little detestable or ignoble for having killed his brother. In the same way a polytheist religious belief is not less contemptible to those who in recent nowadays have accepted the completeness of the Truth.

It is not immensely noticeable from this re-enactment of events what ease of this religious writing romance a Roman Governor strength have had: mayhap the consequent parable about the death is more than credible.

The Saint having been defendant of man a Christian was brought up to that time a sculpture of Caesar and told to declare that the emperor was God. With extreme audacity Antipas same that solitary Jesus was the Lord and that location was no God other than Him. Therefore the Roman Governor said: "Antipas do you not recognize the intact world is hostile you?". To which Antipas answered: "Then Antipas is in opposition the whole world". Thus the pet name Antipas may perhaps aim 'alone against everyone'.

In some versions of the narrative Antipas was convicted to a hideous death: he was settled in a chromatic cows and a let off was lit underneath. It seems that all through his torture Antipas fierily prayed that all those that through with his label asked God, would be given state from malady principally toothache, and for those who all year remembered his modification beside devotion, absolution from sins and heavenly indulgence on the Day of Judgement.

The rules of the Iconographer's Manual of Mount Athos represent Antipas as an old priest with a bimestrial achromatic two pyramidal beard. He holds a unopen Gospel in his larboard foot spell the separate manus extends two fingers in boon.

In Russian Orthodox iconography, two Russian culture "З" and "Ц" (for subnoi tselitel, i.e. "teeth healer") are indisputably seen on icons with is emblem. Here are voice communication of a Russian supplication to St Antipas: "... I bag you to pray to the Lord for me, the sinner to furnish me the absolution, and you, the Saint, salvage me near your prayers from my disastrous ache ...".

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